Summerbreak until August when the new inventory will be online!

Terms & Conditions

  1. All invoices need to be paid within 14 days after the invoice date.
  2. The given shipping conditions and terms are only indicative. A partly delivery means a partly sale for which a payment is necessary.
  3. All goods remain the property of the seller until the full payment has been received.
  4. In the event of non-payment on the expiry date, interest is automatically and without prior notice of default at 1% per month.
  5. Non-payment or partially payment of the debt on the expiry will result in a standard fee of 10% on the invoice without further notice, with a minimum of 50 euro per invoice.
  6. Packages, envelopes or any other form of packaging is always sent with tracking information. The goods are packed with care by the seller and leave our facilities in impeccable condition. Therefore, the seller is not responsible for loss or damage of the goods during the transport by postal companies.
  7. For all disputes or conflicts in any way, only the courts of the district of the seller are authorized.