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Ordering Information

1) Plants and other products in our ‘Nepenthes’ category and all other categories will be shipped within 14 days after you placed your order on the website (EU only) if weather permits (see below). For international orders this will take longer as CITES and phytosanitary certificates are necessary. The plants and products in these categories are at our facilities. These are plants from my own breeding program or other suppliers. In this category you can also find plants from Exotica Plants that were already imported in the past and are ready to be shipped out.

2) Plants in our ‘Exotica Plants PRE ORDER category ‘ are products that need to be ordered in advance (pre-order). These plants are NOT at our nursery yet. They need to be imported from Australia. It can take up to 3 or more months before the plants arrive in Belgium. Customers will be informed along the way through our e-mail, Instagram or Facebook account about the import status. We need to buy these plants from the EP nursery, so it is not possible to cancel your order after we’ve closed the pre-order down. We ask our clients to be patient during this process.

3) Customers who would like to add a new order to their existing order can choose this option when checking out.

4) When your order has been prepared and is ready to leave our facilities, you will be notified.

5) Please don’t send us any photo or size requests for specific plants. The photos on our webshop and guidelines on this page should cover all your questions. I don’t have any other plants available besides the ones that are on my webshop. So please don’t ask any exceptions or privileges. Everyone needs to have the same chance to obtain a specific plant or other product.

6) The webshop gets regular stock updates and these will be communicated on our social media channels.

Shipping Information

1) We deliver in the EU with no minimum order. We also deliver worldwide with the necessary certificates. For worldwide orders a minimum plant value of €2500 is required. Please be aware that international customers need to know the phytosanitary, CITES or other requirements for their country. We are able to provide all export documents but it is the customer responsibility to inform us about the import requirements. We can not be responsible for delays, loss or other problems if we haven’t received all the necessary requirements from the client.

UK customers can email Scotland Carnivorous Plants owned by Oliver Murray at to place an order. Just keep in mind that importation comes with import taxes and postage fees. Consider 20-30% on top of the plant value to have your plants delivered on your doorstep. Oliver is happy to help you further with any details.

2) Taerwe Tropicals only sends plants through postal services. It is not possible to pick your order up at our facilities.

3) We will send out our temperate genera year-round. Winter is the best time to send out temperate plants that are in dormancy. Sarracenia, Dionaea, Darlingtonia and most of our waterlilies can be send in Winter.
We don’t send out our tropical plants below 10°C. Therefore we usually have shipping break between October and April/May. If the customer requests to receive the order earlier, we can add heat packs and extra insulation to the parcel, at the expense and risk of the customer.

4) Plants are usually shipped bare rooted and wrapped in wet tissue or Sphagnum moss. Some plants like Cephalotus and ant plants don’t like root disturbance and will be shipped with substrate and pot. Plants are put in plastic bags and with the necessary protection.

5) Please contact us immediately when your parcel has been damaged upon arrival! We require photographic evidence if packages arrive damaged. We guarantee the quality and packaging of our plants and parcels when they leave our nursery but there is always a possibility that something went wrong along the way.

Exotica Plants PRE ORDER

In our category ‘Exotica Plants PRE ORDER’ you can find Nepenthes that need to be imported from Exotica Plants (see ordering information above). Taerwe Tropicals is the sole distributor in Europe for Exotica Plants. Exotica Plants are the world leaders in Nepenthes hybridization and cultivar selection. With over 25 years of experience they build up an amazing mother collection and are producing the most fantastic variants, cultivars and seedgrown plants in the Nepenthes business.

Tissue cultured plants (TC) vs. seedgrown plants (SG):

Tissue cultured plants (TC) are propagated in an in-vitro lab. These plants are multiplicated and are exact copies of each other with the same genetics. They are often faster to produce on larger scale. A seedgrown (SG) plant is grown from a seed and has unique genetics. Resulting in specific features and morphology. They are often slower to propagate and grow out to a sellable plant. This also means that they are more expensive. Seeds can be germinated in greenhouse or in-vitro facilities.

All plants from Exotica Plants are seedgrown. Taerwe Tropicals offers both tissue cultured and seedgrown plants. This will be clearly stated in the product description.

Plant terms & sizes for Nepenthes :

My goal is to deliver the best quality and size of Nepenthes on the European market. We don’t want to sell weak plants but only well established, greenhouse hardened plants.

Taerwe Tropicals sets the same high standards as Exotica Plants:

Large plants are mature plants with pitchers. These are seedgrown or TC plants that have been grown to mature size.

Generally medium sized plants are in the growing stage between small and large. They have a minimum diameter of 20cm (including pitchers).

Small plants/new releases:
Small plants and new releases can vary in size but we set our minimum at 10cm in diameter (including pitchers) unless mentioned differently.

Rooted cuttings (RC’s):
Rooted cuttings (RC) are established plants produced from cuttings from the mother stock of Exotica Plants or from our mother plants. They are from a specific clone or variant. The photo on our webshop represents the exact variant of which the cutting has been taken. The cuttings are well rooted and may or may not have pitchers when sold.

Specimen plants:
Specimen plants are large, seedgrown and unique plants. The photo on our webshop represents the exact plant you will receive when you order this item.

Location & facilities

Taerwe Tropicals is located in the Flemish Ardennes (East Flanders) in Belgium. I have tropical, subtropical and temperate greenhouses in which I keep my mother collection and production plants. We specialize in Nepenthes but also have other carnivorous and tropical genera for sale on our webshop. We have a breeding program for Nepenthes, Sarracenia, waterlilies and some other genera. For some of our breeding lines we work together with tissue culture labs in Belgium & The Netherlands. Please check the ‘About Us’ page for more information about me or the nursery.

Terms & Conditions

1. All invoices need to be paid within 14 days after the invoice date.

2. The given shipping conditions and terms are only indicative. A partly delivery means a partly sale for which a payment is necessary.

3. All goods remain the property of the seller until the full payment has been received.

4. In the event of non-payment on the expiry date, interest is automatically and without prior notice of default at 1% per month.

5. Non-payment or partially payment of the debt on the expiry date will result in a standard fee of 10% on the invoice without further notice, with a minimum of 50 euro per invoice.

6. Packages, envelopes or any other form of packaging is always sent with tracking information. The goods are packed with care by the seller and leave our facilities in impeccable condition. Therefore, the seller is not responsible for loss or damage of the goods during the transport by postal companies.

7. For all disputes or conflicts in any form, only the courts of the district of the seller or authorized.