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FAQ Page

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01. When will my order arrive?

Plants and other products that are in our nursery will be shipped within 14 days after you placed your order on the website. Taerwe Tropicals also sells products from Exotica Plants. They usually ship out plants a couple of weeks after we place our order. We kindly ask for your patience as it might take 2-3 months before the import arrives in Belgium.
Of course you will be updated along the way. Tracking numbers will be added to all orders.

02. Do you send plants out year-round?

We will send out our temperate genera year-round. Winter is the best time to send out temperate plants that are in dormancy. Sarracenia, Dionaea, Darlingtonia and most of our waterlilies can be send in Winter.
We don't send out our tropical plants below 10°C. If the customer requests to receive the order earlier, we can add heat packs and extra insulation to the parcel, at the expense of the customer.

03. What is the difference between a TC plant and a SG plant?

Tissue cultured plants (TC) are propagated in an in-vitro lab. These plants are exact copies of each other with the same genetics. They are often faster to produce on larger scale. A seedgrown (SG) plant is grown from a seed and has unique genetics. Resulting in specific features and morphology. They are often slower to propagate and grow out to a sellable plant. This also means that they are more expensive.

04. The plant is out of stock. When will it become back available?

We update our webshop year-round, so products can be become available at every moment. Check our website regularly and follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more information about new updates and stock levels.

05. What are RC's?

Rooted cuttings (RC) are established plants produced from cuttings from our mother plants.
The cutting plants are a minimum of 6 months old, well rooted and may or may not have pitchers when sold.

06. My parcel was damaged upon arrival, what should I do?

Please contact us immediately! We require photographic evidence if packages arrive damaged. We guarantee the quality and packaging of our plants and parcels when they leave our nursery but there is always a possibility that something went wrong along the way.

07. Can I visit your nursery?

As much as we would like to welcome all of you, we simply don't have enough time to show everyone around seperately. Sometimes we give people the opportunity to visit us. This will be announced on our Facebook and Instagram account.